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Anxiety: Wow! Where Did That Come From?

Simply put, 1 in 5 people in North America suffer with anxiety and depression severe enough to affect their ability to work and function in their social and family lives (Fava and Mangelli 2001). This is a huge number and larger than any flu epidemic in taking lives. This statistic alone might help you feel better about your situation. You...[ read more ]

Why Is Losing Weight So Emotional?

Simply put, weight loss is emotional because the reasons for keeping weight on your body are emotional. Humans eat to live. We also love/live to eat! Our entire culture is engaged around the “Eating=Happy” equation. We invite friends to dinner. We have parties, potlucks, small visits with tea and cookies, and, of course, holidays. It’s everywhere. Commercials, cooking shows, you...[ read more ]

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