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Chronic Pain/Dis-Ease

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

As much as you may dislike your body right now for letting you down, it’s time to come into the light, forgive yourself and your body and begin the path toward healing.

​When faced with chronic pain or chronic disease, the effort can feel huge and impossible. Thoughts of body betrayal, anger at your body or anger towards life tend to be regular thoughts as you journey through your days. I know all too well how difficult it is to navigate day after day of pain, drugs, medical procedures and receive some respite on top of a load of medical bills. It feels insurmountable.

Here’s the good news. If you choose to approach pain with a different attitude you CAN change your perception of pain. I’d love to share some of my experience with pain over the past 30+ years. I’ll tell you how I’ve changed and how my pain experience has changed with it. Then we can actively work together to help you find a similar journey for yourself. I won’t deceive you and say it’s really easy. It’s simple but not necessarily easy and it helps to have a guide to help you along this path. If you’re ready for change, let’s talk. At the very least you can have a third party in your life who understands chronic pain and can understand how you feel. Call me or us my Contact form and let’s start looking for your path towards more joy in life!