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Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People are also often called Empaths or Highly Empathetic. For reasons we cannot define, these people are very sensitive to the emotions of people around them.

HSPs are usually considered introverted and find their energy by making sure they have time alone to recharge. This is the opposite of being extroverted. Extroverts receive their energy by being with other people. They love being in a crowd. They feed on the energy of human contact in crowds and groups.

Highly sensitive people discover that they get confused when walking into a restaurant or bar when they immediately feel overwhelmed. You may not even know what you’re feeling. When it’s amassed into a barrage it’s difficult to handle and you may deal with that by rarely going out. You probably find it exhausting.

The problem is that you didn’t sign up to be a recluse. You enjoy your friends and you enjoy going out. The consequences can just be too much to handle and you begin to think that all of the emotions you feel are your own.

Here’s a new thought: Those emotions may not belong to you. Yes, you felt them, but they belong to another. You have the choice to set down that emotion or give it back to its owner. Impossible. Not at all. Just a new training course in how to handle your sensitive body and brain.

There are so many mysteries about our bodies and brains and human kind may never know them all. Those of us in the Psychotherapy world understand that being an HSP is not as rare as we used to think. Most just learn to cope one way or the other. The rest discover that a few sessions of counseling therapy is the just the ticket to learning enough about this incredible skill that you can go on to discover that with control, you’re happier, more relaxed, and many learn that they would be happier in a new career.

Email me today and learn to master the bombardments of emotions that want to suck the energy out of you. It’s time to take control. We’ll take the journey together.