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Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

As much as you may dislike your body right now for letting you down, it’s time to come into the light, forgive yourself and your body and begin the path toward healing.

What an interesting culture we live in! It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are, there are images we are taught to uphold and the “right” appearance is always among the top expectations. Other people’s expectations become our own expectations and we lose ourselves in that mix.

It’s very important to learn who you are and what your expectations are of yourself. When did those expectations take over? How would you like to address them now? Are you unhealthily overweight or are you not liking who you see in the mirror? Are other people shaming you and you just don’t know what to do about it?

When uncertainty reigns in your life, your choices tend to fly this way and that until you find yourself ready to settle into a choice that you’ve made for yourself and by yourself. What other people see when they look at you physically is technically not the issue. The difficulty lies in what YOU see and feel as an individual.

Many of us have experience in lack of self esteem at some point in our lives. Overcoming that tendency is important as we mature. It may not happen until we’re in the latter stages of life, but it only requires an open mind to find that self esteem is only a step away. Dropping some harmful self-imagery is part of that.

Are you ready to enter into a new agreement with yourself? Come walk with me awhile and decide if you’re ready to regenerate into a new body or a new way of thinking about the body you have. You have freedom of choice. Let’s try it on!