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Styles of Counseling

Every counselor and psychotherapist has a style of counseling that fits his/her belief systems and preferred way of addressing successful types of treatments. There is space in the world for a huge variety of treatment styles because there are so many types of people. Believe me, we’re not all alike.

I am a product of my own life, my preferences, the types of counseling I learned at Naropa University and the fact I became extremely interested in the successful outcomes related to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It’s my favorite go-to treatment style as it helps my clients bring together their seemingly dislocated mind and body. It brings an awareness to the moments in your day. It helps you to learn to come out of “auto-pilot” more often. You know, those times when your mind was so occupied you couldn’t remember driving to work or to the grocery store. We’ve all done it.

When a mind “reacts” instead of “acts” we find ourselves bending to the forces of the world around us instead of using our ability to use freedom of choice. This brings in yet another type of counseling: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). We often attach Mindfulness to CBT because the act of becoming mindful brings your awareness into the cognitive centers of your brain where you actively choose that action I just spoke of.

I also use pieces of other styles of counseling including Emotionally Focused Therapy in order to help my clients become aware of how where they feel emotions in their body. Again, by mindfully following emotions, you can actually begin to control emotional reactions and understand the normal ebb and flow of emotions in the body. The better you understand your own functionality, the better you will feel from day to day.

All of these various ways of providing therapy teach my clients the act of freedom of choice. You are free to choose how you feel and you are not a victim of circumstance. If you were you wouldn’t see other people work their way out of bad situations. If you don’t like what you’re feeling or that circumstances have your life on hold, let’s talk! It’s time to look at life from some new angles and learn how to become empowered by who you are!

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